Let Me Be Your Candle

Updated: May 9, 2021

A Splash of Optimism.

Said you aren’t worth for me, That your soul is too dark for me, Said you’ve got a wound in your soul, That would take a while to get cold, Wait a bit, let me tell a spell.

Darkness is always volatile, Like the sun that escape eclipse. All you need is a ray in your soul, To flip a day out of black hole. I will banish your blues, Yes, I will be your muse.

Let me be the Noah of your life, One who’ll guide, forever in your ride. I’ll never let you go from my sight, Even in your days of twilight. When mist upsets your voyage, I’ll light up the way without any damage.

That story behind your wound, Is meant to be drowned. Life is still young and deep, So there is no need to weep. Let me be your candle, A tower of light to handle. I promise to light it up always, As long as my vital signs remains.

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